Kind words from our patients.

Hearing doctors are everywhere, but you will not find more thorough testing and care than Dr. Gibson at Lake Murray Hearing. He is not out for the buck, he is out to help people like me and you.
John W.
My greatest blessing happened when my physician referred me to Dr. Long at Lake Murray Hearing. I have a hearing doctor who truly cares about me and my wellbeing. I can hear! I can hear God's precious world around me!
Nancy O.
I have been to several hearing doctors and none have really helped me even though they put me in hearing aids that did not work. I have been so happy with the results with Dr. Gibson as I can hear now. I cannot say enough positive things about him and his staff."
Betty H.
"The process was painless. I can hear better and the best part of all is nobody knows I'm wearing anything."
Tim R.
"These are so much more comfortable that anything I've worn before. I know I can't get my normal hearing back; but my hearing is close to that as you can get. My family enjoys them as much as I do."
Frank S.
"Dr. Gibson gives 100% to his patients! His knowledge has no boundaries when it comes to hearing problems and coming up with solutions. He genuinely LIKES and CARES about his patients. My new hearing aids have changed my life and I'm able to hear so much better. He is devoted and dedicated to his patients and leaves no stone unturned to help them!"
Barbara D.