About Us

Lake Murray Hearing Associates is a private practice located in Lexington, South Carolina that helps people achieve better hearing through a caring approach coupled with state-of-the-art hearing technology. At Lake Murry Hearing Associates, you and your audiologist explore the impact of your hearing loss on daily living and discuss options to manage those difficulties. The solutions may include high-tech hearing aids, other hearing devices, counseling, and developing better listening strategies.

The Hearing Aid Selection Process At Lake Murray Hearing Associates

Your audiologist will conduct a comprehensive hearing evaluation, and he or she will discuss the test results and technology and answer any questions.

Your audiologist will teach you and your family about the nature of your hearing loss and show you how the test results relate to the way you hear in the real world. Hearing instruments have many features to help reduce hearing problems in complex listening situations. Your audiologist will teach you about the technology so you can make a good decision about the best hearing aids for your needs.

Even if you are an experienced hearing aid user, you may greatly benefit from a fresh new explanation of your updated test results and current hearing technology.

Our audiologist have great patience and enthusiasm for helping people get the most from their hearing aids. He or she will help you develop and realize appropriate expectations using humor, warmth, and gentle tenacity.

After your aids are fit
You will learn how to make the best use of your hearing aids in a relaxed hands-on training session the day you get them. About two weeks later, you will return, and, based on your experiences, we may fine-tune the sound of the hearing aids. You will be welcome to return for adjustments as you need them. You will feel good knowing that you are getting the most from your aids and that you can use them with ease in all settings, including on the telephone.